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IMIN photoelectricity: deaf and dumb employees are given "special care"

2013/05/14 13:51
Nanan newspaper reporter Su Qingbin "Our corporate culture is" army + school + family ". The army is to do the prohibitions, complete the task on time; in the company we learn together, just like the
Nanan newspaper reporter Su Qingbin
"Our corporate culture is" army + school + family ". The army is to do the prohibitions, complete the task on time; in the company we learn together, just like the school; the colleagues respect each other and take care of each other like a family. " Recently, the reporter went to Fujian Aimin Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., the company's trade union chairman and executive manager Wang Xuepeng briefed reporters about their corporate culture.
Employing the deaf and dumb people to work, setting up a support fund, and implementing a system of rewards and punishments. Since the beginning of 2010, two employees have developed to more than 340 employees. Over the past 3 years, they have shaped the story of "loving the people".
Deaf and dumb people enjoy equal treatment
Employment of deaf mutes to solve their employment problems is a highlight of the people. At present, a total of 5 deaf mutes have been recruited and engaged in the work of electronic general practitioners. Wang Xuepeng told reporters that deaf and dumb people are enjoying special care in addition to waiting with other employees.
The so-called special care, that is, let the team leader take turns to be their "babysitter". The company will select an excellent workshop leader every month and give certain material rewards. Every day, the leaders of the excellent workshop will help these 5 deaf mutes to cook meals, so that they can rely on their lives.
In September last year, AI min set up a trade union and set up an enterprise support fund. "The company inject 100 thousand yuan for the foundation, in addition, the company also extracts 2/1000 of the profit from the profit of hematopoiesis, the employees are in urgent need of help because of the disaster, poor and ill, from the fund, 2% as a subsidy." Wang Xuepeng said that under special circumstances, the company bosses will also pay their own money and mobilize their employees to donate money.
Up two times a year
Every quarter, AI people will conduct a questionnaire survey, including enterprise development, management level and so on. At the same time, a strict performance appraisal system is also carried out. Employees who have been examined under 60 points for 3 months will automatically be laid off, with hair dyed hair, earrings, tattoos and other damage to the corporate image, and the employees who are dismissal will no longer be hired. At the middle of the year and the end of the year, the people will commend 30 outstanding employees, each awarded 500 yuan. In addition to giving the certificate, the staff also had the opportunity to participate in the star concert. For example, in 2010 and 2011, Cai Qin and Fish Leong Quanzhou concerts were sponsored by the people.
The people in love also have a set of incentive systems: employees are full for one year and pay automatically up to 5%. According to the performance assessment of employees, the employees are paid 200 yuan -500 yuan each year in April or October. "This means that employees can get two salaries a year." Wang Xuepeng said.
The people in love set up a good development platform for the employees. In addition to the annual training of all staff, business development of technology R & D team is also promoted. Wang Xuepeng said that by the end of last year, the company had worked with Limited by Share Ltd to train some key cadres, and the cost of light training has been spent 130 thousand yuan.
This article is quoted from the Nanan commercial newspaper
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