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Full color LED display screen system scheme

2013/05/08 13:15
1. application overview with the continuous maturity of LED technology, the cost of LED display has also dropped significantly, greatly promoting the popularity of LED display applications. As the big
1. application overview with the continuous maturity of LED technology, the cost of LED display has also dropped significantly, greatly promoting the popularity of LED display applications. As the biggest application area of the LED full color screen nowadays, the advertising media industry has opened up the era of traditional flat advertisement upgrading.
2. function effect
N builds outdoor full color LED display in one or more commercial centers and large traffic areas, and forms an outdoor large screen network covering the whole city and even the whole country.
N large screen, strong visual impact, super clear surface, great shock. All powerful advertising charm is conducive to the shaping and dissemination of brand image. Many LED screens are local landmarks, and they are good advertisements themselves.
N busy streets, residential areas, such as the construction of high-definition medium and small LED full color display screen or information screen, form a media distribution network, its transmission effect is more shocking and more mandatory. N small screen has strong communication penetration, wide network coverage, direct consumption terminal, low investment, quick effect and good publicity effect.
N homemade programs, real-time playback, rich content; not only advertising, but also programs, including special topics, columns, variety, animation, radio drama, TV plays, program gaps and advertising.
The characteristics of the 3. scheme
N has a photosensitive control system, according to the outdoor environment brightness changes automatically adjust the display brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reduce the cost of your operation, and can make the audience more easy to accept.
N has high refresh rate and high grayscale, which makes the LED display screen more lifelike and meets the high visual quality requirements of commercial use.
N has brightness and color point by point correction function to make the LED display screen richer and meet the high visual quality requirements of commercial use.
N advertising LED display on the advertising content can be changed at any time, all day to display different ads for different customers.
N has a dual network line hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has problems, another computer is automatically replaced to ensure that the display screen is working properly.
N adopts an efficient optical fiber transmission system, which effectively reduces the delay of the transmission distance and ensures the consistency of the picture playback.
N all of the display information can be remote networked control, only the mouse click operation can easily replace the picture information, so as to realize the urban and regional advertising display network cluster.
N supports the network control function, enabling you to control the display of several cities in one place, and change the content you want to play at any time.
With the multi-function card we have equipped with N, we can use software to switch at regular or manual time to achieve unattended function.
The N screen is equipped with an environmental monitoring system to let you know the operation of the display anytime and anywhere.
N not only provides installation support, but also provides a full set of LED display systems, including: control system, power supply (socket), software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.
The standardization of N box design enables the same box size to be applied to different pixel display requirements, so that the installation of LED advertising screen is more convenient.
N LED box is thinner and lighter, saving transportation cost. N waterproof effect is good, with IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor environment.
The n LED display is equipped with a lightning protection device to prevent the display screen from being burned by lightning. The n LED video control system has a dual backup system. Once a fault occurs, the customer can switch to the standby system immediately.
N also provides related spare parts for customers, all spare parts are modular design, easy for after-sales maintenance.
N customize the most suitable LED display solution according to customer requirements and the environment.
4. solution
5. application sites
It is widely used in shopping mall, Plaza Park, building building, landmark building, station, dock, airport, subway, commercial district, financial place, securities market and other public places.
Program product;
1, outdoor P10 four scan full color module is mainly composed of red LED, green LED and blue LED matrix, and then fixed to the plastic package.
2, this module contains drive chip and input buffer chip, connected to the LED display control system to display video, image and text information.
3, through PWM signal driving red LED, green LED and blue LED driver chip, 16777216 color conversion can be formed.
4, this module can be stitching horizontally and vertically so that different sizes of display can be assembled.
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